New domains pre-registration

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    Why pre-register?

    • Increase your possibilities

      Increase the probability of registering your chosen domain by pre-registering, now.

    • It's free

      Pre-registration is free: pay only the cost of the domain registration.

    • Refund guaranteed

      You will be completely refunded if registration doesn't go through.

    How does pre-registration work?

    • 1. Choose a domain

      Choose the name that best describes your business or pastime. Now domains speak your language: revolutionise the way to promote and affirm your online presence.

    • 2. Let us do it

      As soon as registration opens, we will act on your behalf to request registration of the domain, offering you a better chance of obtaining it.

    • 3. Get online right away

      You will be notified via email regarding the outcome of your registration and, if accepted, you can immediately create an original and innovative website and mailboxes, right away.

    Availables for pre-registration

    Each domain includes

    • Unlimited web space
    • 3 email addresses (2GB) with antivirus and antispam
    • Unlimited subdomains
    • 3GB of FTP traffic
    • WebMail
    • DNS management