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The Private registration service allows you to hide the WHOIS domain name contact information for all generic domains (.com, .net, .org, .info, .mobi, .tv, .cc) that you have already registered or that you wish to register, and to avoid becoming the victim of these attacks.


What is the WHOIS database?

TLe Whois vous indique que le nom de domaine n'a pas de propriétaire: enregistrez le chez Amen.fr avant qu'il ne le soit pas quelqu'un d'autre. Pour effectuer cette opération, rendez-vous sur la page enregistrez le nom de domaine de votre activité.

Why should I consult the WHOIS database?

Consulting the database can be useful if you wish to identify the owner of a domain name that you are interested in recovering. Domain names similar to notorious brands and trademarks are often registered to divert traffic to competitors' websites or to websites offering counterfeit goods. Register.it can help you recover the domain name you are interested in by means of a negotiation with the current owner or, when necessary, by legal action.

Can I check the expiration date of a domain name by searching the WHOIS database?

Yes, the WHOIS database shows the expiration date of all registered domain names. This can be helpful, as it may help you decide whether to wait until it becomes available again or whether to register an alternative domain.
Register.it can help you find a valuable domain name alternative!

I see on whois it not available anymore the owner email address for gtlds. I need to contact the owner of a domain name, how can I do?

If you need to contact the owner of a gtld domain on our accreditation, please use the below form:

Please note: Once sent, we can in no way guarantee that the owner will comply with your Contact Request.

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