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Authcode request by email

If you are the owner of a domain managed by Register spa but you don't have direct access to the Client Area, you can directly request the Authorization Code by sending the following form to email address: documentazione@register.it (file accepted: PDF\JPG)


download here the authcode request form!.

Please remember to fill-in all the fields and- in case you request to receive authcode to an email address different from the current owner's one, you need to attach also a copy of your valid ID document (front and back)


For all domain extensions (except .IT), it is necessary to fill in, sign and provide also the OWNERSHIP CHANGE FORM that can be downloaded here: FORM EMAIL CHANGE together with a copy of the signatory ID document.
Please note that for all gTLD domains (.com, .net,.org...), the Registrant must be informed that after owner email modification, the domain will be put in status Transfer Lock (which prevents transfer) for the following 60 days.
For this reason, in order to avoid 60-days Lock (as per Icann rules), we suggest you NOT to update owner email address for authcode request.

if you have access to your Client Area on register.it, please read the procedure for authcode request from your control panel:

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