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Registration rules for .asia domain:

  • Local presence or local admin-c in the Sponsor Community (Asia, Australia or Pacific Region). For entities outside the Sponsor Community, requesting a .asia the registrant declares to be an entity that is seeking relationship or presence in the area
  • It may be registered both by companies and by private individuals
  • There is no limit to the number of domains that can be registered
  • During the first 60 days after the registration/transfer it is not possible to make any change to the domain name
  • Number of characters: 3-63 characters excluding TLD
  • Characters allowed: ''a - z'', ''0 - 9'', ''-'' cannot begin or end a domain and double ''-'' is not allowed
  • Domain name cannot start with ''xn--''

Why choose a .asia domain?

Choose your place in Asia now: the fastest expanding market in the world.

Asia is a continent in full economic and technological development. The number of companies that invest in Asian countries is growing continually and the market outlets are increasing all the time.
Online visibility is one of the most important tools for easily gaining a position in this enormous market.

The .asia domain is the simplest way to create and have your very own online window looking not only onto a single Country, but onto the whole continent!

The price of each .asia domain is 59 € + VAT. The registration procedure is automatic.

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