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Choose the template and contents you prefer and have fun building your new web site. And if you activate a free trial, you receive a .com domain for free!

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Managing the Trial

For 10 days you will be able to try all of WebSite Starter features on a domain that we will provide. You can choose the look you want, change colors and styles, add text, images, videos and music and publish online the site thus created.
At the end of the test you will be able to continue managing your site by purchasing WebSite Starter directly from your Control Panel and activate it on the domain you prefer.

Once the Trial ends the site will remain visible for 10 more days. All contents and settings will remain available on your Control Panel after up to 30 days. This way you will be able to take your decision on purchasing WebSite at any time and revive your site.

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*A free .com domain with a WebSite Starter trial activation - The offer is valid until the 31/10/2016. It is possible to register only one free .com domain per customer regardless the the number of trials activated. The bonus to register the .com for free will be available on the Control Panel for 30 days and .com will still be valid even if the Website Starter product is not purchased at the end of the trial period.



The WebSite Pack comes with over 400 high-quality design templates. You become designer of your site and obtain the top of the personalization. WebSite versatility allows you of doing all the changes you will consider opportune, from the layout, to texts, images and video with the possibility of coming back to the previous version every time you want.