Payment options and security systems

You can purchase products on our website with the following payment methods (please click here to check our price list) :


VISA, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Diners Club Internetional, American Express. The decision to accept only these payment methods allows us to speed up the completion of all orders.


PayPal is a safe, simple and easy-to-use  payment system that allows to pay online in a  really safe way. By using PayPal  you don?t need to enter any details during the payment: in this way you will prevent others from seeing them!  PayPal is extremely easy to use:  you just have to select it during the payment choosing to pay by credit card, bank account or you PayPal personal account. PayPal  is also quick and convenient: it is accepted everywhere and allows you to  pay online using only your email address and password, without wasting time typing  credit card number every time. 


PostePay is a prepaid, rechargeable card offered by the Italian Post Office. To get a Postepay card you do not need to have a bank account and you can buy them from any post office by presenting a valid ID card and your taxpayer ID number (codice fiscale). Thanks to the Postamat, VISA and Visa Electron circuits, you can use Postepay everywhere, in Italy and abroad, on the Internet and at all post offices.
With PostePay you can withdraw money through any of the post offices and Postamat ATM and bank ATMs that have the VISA and VISA Electron brands both in Italy and abroad. You can also pay for any purchases at stores in Italy and abroad that accept VISA and VISA Electron, as well as pay bills at the post office, recharge cellphone cards, check the card's balance at any post office, use the online services offered by the post office in the bills and Postepay sections and buy services on all sites that accept VISA online.


All the products offered by can be purchased by post slip payment,as inidcated below, except for Virtual and Dedicated Servers that are linked to their own payment options.
Domain and product renewals can also be performed this way, unless they have expired. However, we remind you that after choosing this payment options, you should parfrom the payemnt as soons as possible and quickly fax us its receipt, as indicated in the instructions that you will be given along the process: only after reception of this fax the order will be considered as real.
ATTENTION: it is extremely important to perform the payment and all the indicated steps as quickly as possible,in order to avoid that, for instance, a domain is deactivated or that a domain which is still being registered is allocated to somene else.


This type of payment is only accepted for the purchase of Dedicated Servers and Virtual Servers. Read here the particular details.

Per altre informazioni sui due sistemi di pagamento ammessi sul consulta le nostre FAQ!

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Assistenza tecnica

Hai bisogno di supporto tecnico? Nella sezione Assistenza puoi trovare FAQ, glossario e procedure guidate che ti aiutano a chiarire dubbi sulle funzionalità dei prodotti.

Vuoi inoltrare una richiesta di Assistenza? Accedi al tuo Pannello di controllo e poni la tua domanda nella sezione dedicata.


Vuoi diventare un Rivenditore dei nostri prodotti? Accedi al canale dedicato, scopri i vantaggi e approfitta delle tariffe speciali.

Sistemi di pagamento

Su è possibile acquistare scegliendo il sistema di pagamento piú adatto alle tue esigenze. Leggi qui tutti i sistemi disponibili.

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