Payment options

You can purchase products on our website with the following payment methods


We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Diners Club International, American Express. This payment method speeds up the ordering process. On you can also use the main prepaid credit cards. is aware of the confidentiality and security of information transmitted via web: we use TLS transfer protocol. Information and the parameters passed through the customer's browser are encrypted. All the data entered during the procedure, including those related to credit cards, come to the server in the form of encrypted information.

Payment by credit card is highly recommended in case of renewal of domains or products closer to the deadline: it guarantees that the renewal process occurs in real time, eliminating the risk that the product runs out while waiting to rejoin the payment to the order.


PayPal is a safe, simple and easy-to-use payment system that allows to pay online in a really safe way. By using PayPal you don't need to enter any details during the payment: in this way you will prevent others from seeing them! PayPal is extremely easy to use: you just have to select it during the payment choosing to pay by credit card, bank account or you PayPal personal account. PayPal is also quick and convenient: it allows you to pay online using only your email address and password, without wasting time typing credit card number every time.


PostePay is the rechargeable prepaid card of Poste Italian. You do not need to have a postal account to become owner of an PostePay card. You can have yours at the post office by showing a valid ID and your Tax Code.
With PostePay you can buy and renew domains and products in real time, choosing credit card as a payment method and entering the details of your PostePay.


All the products offered by can be purchased by postal slip payment, as inidcated below, except for Virtual and Dedicated Servers.

Domain and product renewals can also be performed this way, unless they have expired. After the expiry, it is no longer possible to pay by postal slip.

Remember that after you have completed the online process (purchase or renewal) and chosen to pay by of postal slip, you need to pay as soon as possible and then send us a fax at 035 3230412 or an email at bollettino.postale (at) with the scanning or the photo of the postal slip attesting the payment, as written in the instructions that you will find during the procedure.

Only after receiving the fax or the email, the payment will be rejoined to the order: since that time the purchase or renewal will be deemed genuine.

The precompiled postal slip is in this page of your Control panel.

If you prefer, you can fill in a white postal slip to SpA - C / C n. 33970385 - Via Zanchi, 22 - 24126 Bergamo. In the description enter your username and the domain name or the product purchased or renewed.

NOTICE: It is extremely important to make the payment and all the steps indicated in the shortest time possible, to prevent the deactivation of a product or that a domain is assigned to others.


This type of payment is permitted for all products.

During the purchase or renewal process, select the bank transfer as payment method and pay it. The Iban code will be indicated during the procedure, or you can find it in this page. Enter your username and the domain name or the product purchased or renewed in the description.


Credit is perfect option if you need to use an online payment without using a credit card.
You can decide with this simple, easy-to-use option, the amount you would like to have available to purchasing products and services directly from your Control Panel. You can also manage your credit online as you like.
You will receive an alert directly to your e-mail address when balance is running out of time so that you can reload it on time and always be sure to have credit to purchase new products.