Electronic invoicing

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Than you'll pay only € 24.90 per year.
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Why choose our service?


Issue and archive all documents in complete security and in full compliance with current standards.


No need to install any software: you can create and send electronic invoices via a simple and quick online tool.


Our electronic invoicing service is adaptable to any management system, with no need for changes to your work methods.

Guarantee compliance and save on time

What the service includes

1 GB of storage space available
Our electronic invoicing system enables you to send and store over 100,000 invoices (considering 10 kB as the average weight).

Electronic storage
Electronic storage is a procedure that gives legal validity over time to electronic invoices and notifications. Not all providers of Electronic Invoicing services can offer this feature.

Digital signature
The authenticity and integrity of the electronic invoice contents are guaranteed by a digital signature..

Time stamp
The time stamp is a series of characters generated by a Time Stamping Authority (TSA), legally certifying the date of your documents. Only we can offer this service free of charge with the Electronic Invoicing service.

XML Format
The service offered manages invoices in XML (eXtensible Markup Language), the official electronic billing system.

Event notifications
This service envisages the delivery of notifications for each event relevant to your invoices, such as confirmation of correct compilation, delivery completed, invoice received etc.

Guarantee compliance and save on time

Activating Electronic Invoicing you will have a free service for 6 months and no use restrictions.
At the expiration of 6 months you will be free to renew the service for one year at price listo +iva.
Offers subject to restrictions. Read all conditions and deadlines.

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