SPID for business

Activate a Digital Identity specific for Business and Freelancers holding a VAT identification number and enjoy easy access to all dedicated online services.

How to activate SPID

your purchase

The first step to activating your SPID is to purchase it at the price indicated. Click on "Buy" at the top of this page and proceed to your shopping cart.

the customer area

To create your digital identity, you need a document identifying your company's legal representative along with a visura camerale, or the enrolment in the professional register for liberal professions. If you are a new Register.it customer, we ask for just a few minutes of your time to register.

your identity

To activate your SPID, you need to confirm your identity using your TS-CNS card (activated Italian Health Card – National Service Card + card reader) or digital signature.

your SPID

Access all services available on government agency or private company portals (such as INPS or your bank) that exhibit the SPID logo.

*You can receive the OTP code to access via SPID only in enabled countries. View the list of non-enabled countries.

Identity confirmation methods

With your TS-CNS card

With your active Italian Health Card - National Service Card, you can complete registration online using the Smart Card Reader attached to your computer.

With your digital signature

If you already have a digital signature, you can complete your online registration using a Smart Card Reader attached to your computer.

With a webcam

You can register online using a PC, tablet or mobile device equipped with a webcam.

How can I access the SPID service network?

Government agency online services can be accessed using your SpidItalia Digital Identity.

Choose SpidItalia from the list of managers

Visit the website of the service you want to use.
Select SpidItalia from the list of SPID managers listed on the access form.

Identify yourself by entering your SPID credentials

The SpidItalia login page will appear requesting that you enter your credentials:
User name and Password - Level 1 security
SMS verification code - Level 2 security
The latter is necessary only if requested by the service.

Use the service you need in complete security

Once your identity is confirmed, you will be able to access the control panel of the entity of your choice. Here, all of your data is protected and you can use the service required in complete security.

Create your digital identity and access government agency services online

Download the free App for Android or iOS
Access the Google Play Store or App Store and download the SpidItalia App to receive free OTPs, directly on your phone!

Cost of sms is 29,90€ per each year VAT excluded.

Your questions, our answers

  • What are SPID Security Levels?

    These are the security levels associated to your digital identity (progressively increasing and mandatory in the identification process) which are requested by the service provider based on the required service:

    1. Level 1 requires the use of single factor user credential, i.e. user name and password, selected by the user when registering. The first level of identification is used in cases where the risk due to the digital identity being used by an external party would have a low impact on the activities of citizens/businesses/government agencies.

    2. Level 2 requires the use of a second identification factor following correct verification of the first level credentials. This second factor consists of an OTP (one-time password) sent to the User’s mobile phone number. This level of authentication is used for services that would be harmed in the event that the digital identity is used by an external party.

    3. Level 3 provides a digital certificate-based authentication system that stores private keywords on secure devices. These include the TS-CNS (Italian Health Card - National Service Card)
    and Digital Signature Smart Card, offering a higher level of security for services that can be seriously damaged in the event that the digital identity is used by an external party.

  • Register.it is eIDAS certified. What does this mean?

    eIDAS (electronic IDentification Authentication and Signature) is the EU regulation for electronic identification of Member States.

    The eIDAS Regulation aims to strengthen the confidence of all interested parties (consumers, businesses, governmental authorities and freelancers) online and in digital transactions in the European Union by providing a common regulatory basis for secure digital interactions between citizens, businesses and government agencies, defining TSP (Trust Service Provider) or Fiduciary Service Provider requirements.

    Register.it has obtained the certification of compliance of the fiduciary service providers and of the services provided under Regulation (EU) N. 910/2014. eIDAS certification enables Trust Service Providers (TSPs) to demonstrate their compliance with European level standards that unify the various Member State regulations.

    In short, we are a recognized fiduciary service provider at a European level.

  • How much does SpidItalia cost?

    Since our main objective has always been toward creating a “more digital Italy”, we offer SPID access to all citizens at no charge and SpidItalia for businesses for just 48 Euros a year, an incomparable price-value relationship.

  • Is Register.it the official Digital Identity manager?

    Yes, through SpidItalia, Register.it is a national digital identity manager and is consequently accredited by the Agency for Digital Italy (AGID) for the creation and management of digital identities, in total security.

  • How long does SpidItalia activation last?

    SpidItalia is valid for 2 years from the day of activation and renewed automatically upon expiration, unless deactivation has been requested.

  • Can I access private business services with SPID?

    Yes, this possibility is part of the plan. For the time being, only government agencies are using SPID, but shortly private businesses will follow suit. Follow us on our blog at spid.me for news updates.