NEW | Activate PEC with your SPID. Easy and immediate, find out how.

How to activate the PEC

Choose your address

Click on PEC in "Your Products" section of your Control Panel and follow the directions to activate your box. You can stop the process and resume it at any time.

Fill the form

Enter your data in the form, choosing between "Private" and "Company", choose and enter the password to access your PEC, verify that all the information you entered is correct and proceed.

Print the form

The system generates the document with all of your data, download it, print the document, and sign it. It should be sent with the duplicate copy of your identity document.

Send the form

Scan or photograph the document and your ID, upload them both from the page where you downloaded it. Or send mail to or fax to 0353230415. Activate your PEC, configure it on your cellphone and manage

All the available addresses for your PEC Agile

  • Generic domains

    Activate your Certified Mail on one of the many addresses provided by

  • Business addresses

    Facilitates participation in contracts
    If you are a freelancer, or a company, you must have a PEC (Legge n. 2 of 28/01/2009) to avoid penalties that would exclude you from participating in tenders and contracts, compromising your business.

  • Addresses for professional orders

    Activate your PEC for free and make you legal.

* You can choose the PEC Agile for free and, from the moment of order confirmation, you have 6 months free to activate your address by choosing one of the many domains available and using your PEC.
The cost of renewal of the PEC Agile with Conservation is equal to € 42,75 + VAT for one year, except for promotions.

** PEC Unica 3GB costs 54,205€+ VAT.
The price of the PEC Unica 5GB is 85,65€ + VAT
Upon renewal, the price applied is the list price.

Your questions, our answers

  • How much does the renewal of the PEC cost after 6 months?

    The cost of renewal of the PEC Agile with Compliant Archiving is € 42,75€ + VAT for one year, except for promotions.

  • Why is credit card required to activate the free PEC?

    The credit card is required to protect the security of the service, mainly to prevent fraudulent, automatic or bogus data purchases by the so-called "Abusers".

    For this reason requires, as a guarantee, a valid credit card to associate with the order. We confirm that we will not charge the inserted card. After activating the PEC, you will be able to access your Control Panel and remove the previously saved credit card.

  • do I have to renew the PEC after 6 months ?

    No, the renewal is required. Keep in mind that when purchasing the PEC the system sets the automatic renewal, so 20 days before the expiration the product will be renewed automatically without explicit consent.

    This setting is very useful if you do not want to risk expiring the product. If you do not want to renew the PEC, simply disable the automatic renewal in the Customer Area, click here to know how.

  • How can I activate Certified Mail ?

    To activate the PEC, you need to access the Customer Area, choose the name of the box to be created and provide your data as a Private or as a Company.

    It will then be necessary to download and sign the documentation in the Customer Area, which must be sent to us in digital format together with a copy of an identity document via FAX, or via email, or more simply by uploading it online from the appropriate page. For more details read the guide on the activation of the PEC.

  • Is PEC Cetified?

    Yes, the PEC is certified:

    - ISO 9001 Certifies the quality of the PEC (Certified Electronic Mail) product design, development and marketing processes so as to guarantee high quality to the end customer) and

    - ISO | IEC 27001 (Guarantees that the company has an Information Security Management System and respects it in all phases of the process and development of the PEC (Certified Electronic Mail) product.

  • Can I read PEC messages in WebMail?

    Of course, Certified E-mail includes a convenient WebMail PEC, simple, intuitive, fast and accessible by smartphone and every mobile device.

    The WebMail PEC login page is available at , an address that is easy to remember and to be found through any search engine.

  • 63/5000 How can I set the PEC on a smartphone, tablet or computer?
  • Can I read Electronic Invoinces?

    Yes, on your PEC box you will receive electronic invoices in a double format: in .xml, as required by law and in .pdf, so that you can easily read them.

  • Where can I find the PEC Operating Manual?

    You can find the Operation Manual here

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