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To take advantage of this product, you must have a hosted domain to associate it to.
Technical specifications

Using the SMTP server
Additional outbound email can only be used on hosted domains and DNSs must be set to’s.

Access by authentication
Access can be made from POP3/IMAP clients, such as Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mail, etc. Relying on an SSL certificate guarantees securer configuration.

Increase the number of outbound messages
Additional outbound messages are modular and cumulative. You can purchase multiple packets of different sizes and put them together to increase your number of daily outbound messages.

Size for the individual email
Each message sent can reach a total size of 75 MB and can attach files up to a maximum of 50 MB.

Outbound email antivirus filters
Review all mails sent by scanning messages to check for the presence of dangerous elements that could infect the recipient email box.

Antispam filters on outbound email
Check emails before sending to verify the parameters that determine the level of SPAM, which could cause the receiving server to classify your email as SPAM.
Choose your version of additional outbound email (SMTP) from the offered packets.

How to associate additional outbound messages to your domain

Once purchased, the outbound messages (SMTP) must be associated to your domain

Log in to your Client Area

Log in to the Client Area from your Control Panel and decide whether to associate the additional

Associate to a single email address

Only that specific email box will have the additional outbound email and you can use the same configuration parameters to log in to the email box.

Associate the entire domain

A default user will be created (eg. that must be set up as the outbound mail user for all of the domain’s email boxes.

Choose your version of additional outbound email messages (SMTP) among the packets offered.

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