Certified Email

PEC 2 GB for free

Try PEC Agile now for 6 months.
Then only 2.08 € per month.
PEC 3 GB and 5 GB
on your domain

More space for your PEC Unica on your own domain.

Why choose PEC

It has legal value

It is compulsory by law for companies, professionals and Public Administrations. Our service is certified by the Agenzia per L'Italia Digitale.

SMS notifications

If activated, will alert you if you received a new PEC message, freeing you from having to check your mail.

Access from tablet and smartphone

With an optimized mobile webmail you can communicate quickly, professionally and safely with any device.

Available with professional domains

You can activate it on one of the domains like (eg or buy it on your domain.

Main features

WebMail optimized for mobile
Viewed by smartphone, tablet and each mobile device.

Usable on other mail clients
Being an email box like everyone else, but much safer, you can use it from other clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.

Send and receive standard emails
Standard mail messages are also regularly received by PEC, marked as "Anomaly" as required by law.

Secure Archive
The dedicated area where you can sort and store your messages and receipts.

Advanced Log research
Messages are tracked up to 30 months, within which you can prove the receipt and delivery of a PEC at your registered office.

Legal value receipt
Messaging is certified by a receipt which has the legal value of the A / R receipts.

Security on the identity of the sender
We rely on high standards for the acknowledgment of the sender of each message, providing manual controls on each customer.

Antivirus / Antispam
In a channel where messages of extreme importance and legal relevance, as the PEC, a deep protection is required.

Forward to external address
Up to three WebMails can be set up to receive PEC messages on your private mailboxes.

2 GB, 3 GB and 5 GB Mailboxes
Choose the size of the email that best suits your sending and archiving needs.

Up to 300 recipients each sending
For each submission you can include up to 300 addresses in the same message.

SMS Notifications
Activating the notification, an SMS notifies you that a new PEC message has been received, avoiding the need to check the mail box.

Enable the Certified Mail with all included services

How to activate the PEC

Choose your address

Click on PEC in "Your Products" section of your Control Panel and follow the directions to activate your box. You can stop the process and resume it at any time.

Fill the form

Enter your data in the form, choosing between "Private" and "Company", choose and enter the password to access your PEC, verify that all the information you entered is correct and proceed.

Print the form

The system generates the document with all of your data, download it, print the document, and sign it. It should be sent with the duplicate copy of your identity document.

Send the form

Scan or photograph the document and your ID, upload them both from the page where you downloaded it. Or send mail to or fax to 0353230415.

Activate your PEC, configure it on your cellphone and manage

PEC Unica
with address on your domain

Choose the cut of your PEC Unica according to your needs. You will have the peace of mind to be able to keep your message history (and attachments) without delete important emails.

All the available addresses for your PEC Agile

  • Generic domains

    If you don't have a domain name, or just want to have your PEC with an easy to remember address, you can enable it on one of the many domains made available by

  • Business addresses

    Whatever your business name, you can create all the PEC addresses you need on a prestigious domain offered by

  • Addresses for professional orders

    Whatever the professional order you are signing in, you can create your PEC address on a domain and offered by referred to your Albo, so you can be immediately recognizable as a professional.

Activate your Certified Mail on one of the many addresses provided by

Activate your PEC for free and make you legal

Our certifications

AgID Accreditation

The PEC service provided by is certified by the Agenzia per L'Italia Digitale which guarantees the highest level of security possible.

ISO 9001:2015

It certifies the quality of the design, development and selling of PEC (Certified Electronic Mail) processes so as to guarantee high quality to the end customer.

ISO|IEC 27001

It ensures the company has an Information Security Management System and respects it at all stages of the process and development of the PEC product.

Eidas is certified as Qualified Trust Service Provider for the trustee services provided in accordance with Regulation (EU) 910/2014 eIDAS.

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