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Trademark Clearinghouse

This service is available for registered trademark holders. We'll advise you when your brand name is used in a domain name registration by others, allowing you to monitor your brand name online.

Domains Protected Marks List

The service allows you to preventively block the registration of domains containing your brand name. Don't let your brand's reputation fall into the hands of others: defend your business before it's too late.


Trademark Clearinghouse

We'll register the domains that correspond to your brand name in advance.

Priority registration

Every time a new extension hits the market, you will have the chance to register your domain name before anyone else. Registering at the right time is essential for protecting your brand's image.


Enrollment for TMCH is useful in dissuading others from registering domains corresponding to your name. In the purchase phase, potential registrants are informed that the rights associated with that domain are legally protected.


The TMCH service will alert you whenever someone registers a domain containing your brand name: you will be able to keep your name under control and decide to take action if your name is registered by third parties.


Domains Protected Marks List

We put your brand on the list of domains that are not registrable by third parties

Multi-year coverage

Every time a new extension hits the market, the registration of domains containing your brand name will be automatically locked. For five years, only you can use your name in the domains with new TLD, preventing others from making fraudulent registrations.

Defensive strategy

The DPML service is complementary to TMCH subscription. The domain market is constantly expanding and preventive coverage is what you need to defend your company's reputation and your brand's image online.

Quick and inexpensive procedures

By subscribing to DPML, you can avoid the cost of registering all the domains that would offer your brand protection online. You'll save time and money: you won't have to deal with long registration procedures and you don't have to worry about forgetting renewal deadlines.


Trademark Clearinghouse Certified Agent

We've got the answers you need

  • What does TMCH mean?

    TMCH stands for Trademark Clearinghouse.
    It is the database authorized by ICANN which contains trademarks registered worldwide. Created during the marketing of new domains (new gTLDs), it is the most important brand protection service in the world about new domains.

  • What does DPML mean?

    DPML stands for Domains Protected Marks List. You can access this service only if you have registered your Brand in TMCH database. This service allows you to stop the registration of your domain in the new extensions that are periodically released on the market.

  • I have a domain with a generic or geographical extension, can I use DPML and TMCH and services?

    No, these services are dedicated only to domains registered in the new extensions (new gTLDs). For example, if you have a domain name with .com .net, .org etc., you cannot buy TMCH nor DPML for that domain.

  • I do not have a registered trademark, can I use DPML and TMCH services?

    No. To use the DPML service, you must first be registered with your Brand in TMCH database, and enrolling your Brand in TMCH database requires that the Brand is registered.

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