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scanned marketplaces,

analysed social media

scanned appstores,
29 in USA and 25 in China

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No time or resources?

We manage your trademark infringements from start to finish.

Using a powerful and efficient monitoring tool like ZeroTM probably increases the number of detected infringements. But your dedicated resource won't increase as well. Ubilibet offers you a holistic management of infringements with ZeroTM and their dedicated analysts and legal teams.

Identify offenders and their network

ZeroTM automatically gathers data from offenders and their activity on all platforms and creates a dynamic offender profile.
Visualise how users and activity are related and download all evidence to take action.

Infringement prioritisation

Set customised values to calculate the risk that an infringement entails.
Prioritise legal actions according to the their impact to you business.

Categorisation by risk

Efficient time and resource management

Smart Image Recognition

The software tracks and learns how to detect altered images that display your logo, products or designs with Machine Learning

Proactive protection

Create your brand image library. ZeroTM will scan the net looking for illicit usages of them.

Greater coverage

The smart image recognition widens the keyword research, allowing you to add generic keywords as well.

Faster detection

By learning and reverse search, it widens the scanning capabilities in extensive platforms.


Protect your brand's reputation

By removing fake profiles on social media and fraudulent websites and apps with a potential impersonating risk to carry out phishing and scamming attacks.

Protect consumers

By removing low quality, counterfeited products that represent a health risk for consumers.

Keep an eye on your distributors

By monitoring the product stock and prices they are managing, and identifying grey market risks.

Anticipate risk situations

Like emerging marketplaces or massive sales campaigns, thanks to data-driven insights and our case management.

Reduce response time

Thanks to ZeroTM's automatic evidence gathering and one-click connection to online platforms.

C&D automation

Send cease and desist applications in one click, one by one or in bulk.