Keep your messages in accordance with the law
Very advanced and all-inclusive service

Sign in your webmail and, in a few simple clicks, the service will be active and without additional costs.


We assurethe compliant archiving of your PEC box, with time stamp and digital signature. Your documents will be kept for 10 years secure. You can always find them


The functionality of compliant archiving is integrated into your PEC box. You just have to log into your certified mailbox and activate the service.


Do you need more space on your digital archive? Ask us at any time to update to add GB to your archive.
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How to activate?

Activate archive on your PEC box.
Start keeping your documents legally.


After logging in to your webmail, at the top you will find the "Compliant Archiving" item next to the other menu items in the box. The first step is to click on the item.


To use your archive, you need to activate it. Click on the "ACTIVATE" button and follow the simple guided procedure.


In order to activate the compliant archiving it is necessary to read and accept the Custody deed for the conservation of PEC messages.


Now you can start archiving your PECs in the comoliant archiving space on your mailbox. You can move your mail messages in one click and save them in your legally compliant archiving.

* You can choose the PEC Agile for free and, from the moment of order confirmation, you have 6 months free to activate your address by choosing one of the many domains available and using your PEC.
The cost of renewal of the PEC Agile with Conservation is equal to € 38,85 + VAT for one year, except for promotions.

*You can add more GB on your Compliant Archiving directly on your webmail. Each GB have a cost of 13,75€ per GB

Your questions, our answers

  • What will happen when the service expires?

    The compliant archiving service is linked to your PEC address, therefore failure to renew it will also result in failure to renew the retention and the consequent cancellation of all your messages stored therein.

  • How can I send messages to the archive?

    You can move a message from your webmail by clicking on the "compliant archiving" tab. The message in question is a copy of the one available on the box which will be kept as required by law but can no longer be deleted from your storage space

  • How much storage space do I have?

    The storage space included in your PEC box is 1GB.
    You can at any time purchase additional conservation fees.

  • How can I ask for more storage space?

    You can ask for an additional fee by opening a ticket from your control panel, filling out the form on this page to be contacted, in chat from our site or by calling the number 035 57 87 979

    you can contact the numbers .....

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