The service that watches your domains and sends you an alert if someone illegitimately registers your name or if a domain name becomes free for registration.

3 Reasons to choose Domain Watch

Keep your domains under control

In an increasingly complex market, where new domain extensions are continuously being launched, protect your brand in the simplest and safest way possible.

Guaranteed protection for your brand name

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, you can trust us to keep your extensions safe and rest assured that your domains are protected from infringement.

Constant monitoring

Domains registered in your name will be constantly monitored and you will be notified if a Top-Level Domain corresponding to your brand is registered by someone else.

What’s included?

Timely alerts

If a domain that contains your brand name is registered by someone else, you will be notified by email and have the chance to recover the domain.

Monthly reports

Every month you’ll receive a report showing the status of your protected domains, listed in order of importance. You’ll see which domains are available for registration and which have been registered by others.

Accurate contacts

Find out who illegitimately registered your name so they can be contacted to get your domain back.

Require the monitoring of your domain names portfolio to get an overview of your name's security level.

We've got the answers you need

  • How does Domain Watch work?

    Once you subscribe, we’ll start tracking and monitoring your brand name all 440 domain extensions covered by the service. When your brand name is registered by someone else you will immediately be contacted by email so that we can begin the recovery process. Every month you’ll receive a detailed report with an overview of the status of your domains, including already protected domains, domains registered by others and a selection of domain that should be registered.

  • Which extensions can be monitored?

    Here you’ll find the complete list of domain extensions that can be monitored.

  • What happens when a domain in my name is registered by someone else?

    If this happens, the best strategy is to recover the domain. Contact us by calling (+39) 05520021777 to find out how one of our Specialists can help you recover or register a domain, offering you the highest level of protection for your brand name.

  • Is it possible to protect my domain with all extensions?

    In addition to Domain Watch, which guarantees an over 400 extensions monitoring, a wider control of your name is provided by the Domain Name Audit service. It checks your name's registration in all extensions, pointing to opportunities and risks, tutoring to those who might misappropriate your brand name and tricks the end user.

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