Trademark Registration

Protect your brand by registering a trademark

Get the exclusive rights to use your brand name in Italy and Europe

Registering your brand is important

Make sure you own the rights to your product's name and logo.


Trademarks give you the exclusive rights to your brand name. Protect your products from brand piracy or fraudulent use of your name by third parties.


Registration of a trademark makes your brand and logo immediately recognizable. This will help you distinguish your products from competitors.


Your brand's reputation depends on the uniqueness of your products: distinguish your products with a trademark and protect your brand's reputation.


Your registered trademark will help you increase revenues and market your products in as many Classes as possible.

A myriad of services to protect your brand

Let us take care of every aspect of your trademark registration

New trademark registrations

We'll check to make sure the trademark you want to file is not already taken by someone else to avoid registration failure due to previously existing trademark names.

Italian trademark registrations

This service includes registration in one Class and allows you to register your trademark (word, figurative or combined) for exclusive use on Italian territory.

European trademark registrations

This service extends your rights within the entire European Union and its member countries. A single procedure protects your Brand in 28 states, in the Class of your choice.

Advice for choosing the right Class

We help you to determine the right Class for the registration of your trademark based on your products. This service is useful for first-time registrations for specific products.

Opinion on registrability

We provide legal advice on the probability of acceptance of your trademark request. This is extremely useful for brands with similar names or previously registered marks.

Digital certification

We'll take care of sending you your trademark certificate confirming registration. All certificates are sent in a digital format.

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