Choose the right domain

Tips on registering domain names

Choose your domain wisely

Your domain is the front window of your online identity, so it should clearly display your activity or business.
These are the key factors for domain selection:

Keep it simple

Your domain should be easy to share, via link, during a conversation or on social networks. Avoid difficult and fancy words: the name should be engaging but easy to digit/write, read and remember.

Domains such as are difficult to remember and write and could reduce visits to your website.

Add relevants keyword

If you are entering a competitive market with a new brand name, it may be convenient to have a keyword in your domain name. es.

This way users can automatically associate your brand with your business.

Consider geography

Do you operate locally or your target user is a local? Add a city name to your domain.
This may help people when looking for such a business in your area.

Short and straight

You can use up to 63 characters but shorter names normally work better. vs

Choose a category killer

If you are willing to expand your business quickly use a category killer domain such as which now redirects to


An intuitive domain can help people memory and drive direct traffic to your website. What is the name of the website where you can book last minute holiday?

Symbols and punctuation

Be aware that not all characters are accepted but hyphens are ok.

money$ wrong wrong right

What to avoid?

Don’t register a domain name which is similar or the same of an existing brand.

Don’t register a domain name where the language and the extension don’t correspond.