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For those who have no time to create an e-commerce and need more advanced features.


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Your questions, our answers

  • What are e-commerce requirements?

    It is necessary to have a VAT number written in your e-commerce site's footer together with the registration number of the Chamber of Commerce. Online sales is equivalent to the provision of traditional services (brick and mortar stores), so we recommend you to contact a accountant to make sure you comply correctly with tax legislation. If you already have a brick and mortar stores and you want to start selling online, you must add to your VAT number, an Ateco Code specific for online business and make the related communications to authorities (Revenue Agency, Chamber of Commerce, Municipality). With Simply Shop you can change all the information in a easy and fast way.

  • How long does it take to start selling online?

    Once you have settled the bureaucratic issues, or even while your accountant is working on it, you can dedicate yourself to the creation of your e-commerce. Start with the showcase. Choose the style that best suits your business. Simply Shop offers you a lot of choices of images, colors and fonts: rehearse and decide which one looks more like you. Then start creating product sheets with pictures (photos are important: give your products the best look!) and descriptions (for texts, keep in mind Google: words you use will be the keywords that the engine uses to indexing your site). If you sell physical products, define the rates for shipping and payment with cash on delivery. Finally, publish your site and check how many customers visit your e-commerce and which preferences they have. Keep going to work on it for improving sales.

  • What guarantees can I give my customers on privacy and security?

    You have certainly heard of the new European Regulation 2016/79, better known as GDPR concerning the protection of personal data. Managing an e-commerce you must explain to your customers why you collect their data and how you treat them. With Simply Shop you have a platform that fully complies with the new legislation and ensures the security of information exchange, thanks to data encryption systems in // https. Moreover, in the payment page your customers will see an element of guarantee that will reassure them in the most delicate moment for online sales (the insertion of the credit card number).

  • Why is the speed for an e-commerce site so important?

    Main reasons are two: first is that customers who browse between the products you offer want to have all details quickly for purchasing in a conscious way. If pages do not load properly, it is likely that they will leave your site. Second is that Google interprets speed as a quality parameter of the site. So the faster you are, the more Google rewards you by showing you higher on the search page.

    Sites created with Simply Shop are optimized according to the guidelines of Google Page Speed, which is a set of tools made available by Google to measure the performance of a web site. Page Speed evaluates each parameter and Simply Shop has optimized it for you.

  • 10 Steps to your online success

    Network is a special place. To become one of the main actor, here's what we recommend:

    1. Choose your online address carefully (domain name), like a well-crafted sign will help attract visitors
    2. Set up the showcase of your online store
    3. Take beautiful photos and highlight your products
    4. Create content in a relevant way for search engine
    5. Let all find you! Network has its own rules, also Google has them, go in deep on it
    6. Share on Social Media
    7. Increase visits to your site. Make weighted investments in digital advertising
    8. Create contacts and interact with your customers
    9. Count and improve
    10. Grow online, don't stop you: keep going to "fix". Working online means to be ready for next change

    There are no secrets to success. Result depends on how committed you are to reach the goal. Your business is complex and bringing it into the network needs work, expertise and time. You can do it alone, or you can ask our experts to give you a hand. We can do all this for you starting from € 699.

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