E-commerce Products Service Order

This Service Order ("SO") is an integral and essential part of the General Conditions of Service ("GCS"). The GCS and this SO establish the terms and conditions for provision of the e-Commerce Service ("Service" or “e-Commerce”) by Register.it to the Client.
The acceptation and/or the validation of the Order Form by the Client involves full acceptation of the current SO.


“Service”: Provision of the e-Commerce Solution by Register.it to the Client.
“eCommerce Solution”: Hosting service offered by Register.it allowing the Client to publish and create an online shop without advanced technical knowledge using the Editor’s Software.
“Editor”: ePages, owner of the Software used to provide the e-Commerce Solution
“Software”: Program owned by the Editor and delivered by Register.it in the eCommerce Solution.

Description of the eCommerce Service

Register.it offers the Client several types of e-Commerce solutions allowing the Client to publish and edit an online shop using the software edited by the Editor, which website is accessible at the following URL http://www.epages.com/en/.

Responsibilities of the Client

The Client is solely responsible for the management and the configuration of his/her online shop. Such management and configuration will have to be done via the online Control Panel associated to the online shop only. Register.it assumes no liability of any kind in that respect, for instance, in case of accidental deletion of the online shop by the Client. The Client hereby acknowledges that Register.it will not manage the shop or the data on his/her behalf and will not assume any related costs.

Maintenance of Service

Register.it will do its best efforts to keep the technical platform hosting the online shops operational. The Client is informed that Register.it might run maintenance operations on the platform when required; the Client acknowledges that such operations might lead to a momentary unavailability of the online shops. Register.it will do its best efforts to warn the Client in advance via the Customer Area. The Client remains solely responsible for any kind of malfunction, bug, incompatibility or any other problem on the online shop due to or in connection with the program code inserted by the Client on the shop that could occur after the maintenance operations. The Client will have to fix such bugs or technical problems himself/herself.


This SO depending on the choice made by the Customer during the purchase procedure or afterwards, from his control panel, will have an expiration 1) with or or 2) without tacit renewal.
In the case of expiration with tacit renewal and payment by credit card, the fees referred to in Art. "Fees and Payments" will be charged within the time allowed and the conditions existing at the time of renewal, as indicated in the control panel, directly from Register.it from the customer's credit card, following email notification. If it is not possible for Register.it to bill this charge, the agreement cannot be tacitly renewed and will be considered definitively expired at its deadline. In this situation the customer can renew the service by following the procedure described hereunder, in the case of expiration with tacit renewal and payment systems other than credit card, Register.it, 20 days before the expiration date, after communication via email, to renew and send an invoice to the customer must be paid within the period provided for therein. The invoice and payment instructions will be sent via surface mail to the address stored in the archives of the order. If the customer does not make payment on time, Register.it can stop at any time providing the service, except as provided for in art. 6 of the GCS.
In the event of expiration without tacit renewal, the customer may request Register.it through the online procedure provided by Register.it, to renew the service with this SO for additional, subsequent periods by the deadlines appearing on the Control panel of the customer and the technical and economic conditions existing at the time of renewal of the service and executing the renewal procedure. In case of non-renewal, in the manner and within the time specified above, upon expiration of this SO will cease to have any effect, without any communication by Register.it
Register.it assumes no liability whatsoever for any loss or damages, such as but not limited to, loss of data, loss of profit, loss of business etc. arising from or in connection with the non renewal of the Service in due time.

Consideration and payments

The consideration due for provision of the requested Service is that indicated in the Offer. The performance of the service is agreed by the time of fee payment for the Service by means indicated in the offer. The renewal price will be the price charged by Register.it upon request by the customer, as resulting from the Control panel.