Domain Backorder

With this service, you can backorder an expiring domain – we’ll try to purchase it for you it if it’s not renewed.

3 Reasons to Backorder a Domain

Get a valuable domain

A large number of domains expire every day, including domains with a high market value.

Choose your domain

Decide which domain you are interested in and backorder it today. Choose from 497 extensions available, including .com, .it, and new extensions.

Improve your chances

As soon as the domain becomes available for registration, we will attempt to capture it through backorder using numerous platforms and improving your chances of registering the domain you want.

How it works

your domain

Contact us and request a backorder. If your domain is registered, your order will include 3 email address, DNS management, a Certified Email Address for 1 year and 7/7 customer assistance.

We’ll try to acquire your domain

We will attempt to register your domain as soon as it becomes available. Our backorders are secured through multiple platforms, increasing your chances of registering the domain you want.

Participation in auctions

If more than one person backorders the same domain, it will be sold through auction. With your consent, and with respect to your budget, we’ll put in bids to try to get you the domain you want.

Choose your domain and contact us to request a backorder.

Questions & Answers

  • Is the registration of the domain guaranteed?

    We can’t guarantee registration because once the domain is dropped there may be more than one backorder. We guarantee that we will make the best attempt possible to register the domain on your behalf. Using multiple platforms, we can increase your chances of getting the domain name.

  • What if there is more than one backorder?

    If there is more than one person interested in the domain it will be sold through auction. You can choose if you want to place a bid indicating the maximum amount you are willing to spend.

  • If the domain is not registered, do I still have to pay?

    The service is our best attempt at registering the domain, regardless of the end result. The full amount is due, even if your domain is not registered.

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