Discover all the features

Try for free many easy-to-use tools to build a professional and complete website.

Fantastic graphics templates

Choose your preference from the many templates available. They are all responsive, ready to use right away, but also customizable in throughout.

Customize according to the device

You can customize your website according to device. Show some items only in the desktop version and others only in the mobile version.

No technical knowledge required

Thanks to our Drag-and-Drop editor and Copy-and-Paste functions (for example, to duplicate a page), you can quickly and easily create your website.

Developer mode

No technical knowledge is required to create a website with Simply Site. If you’re a technician, you can edit your website’s HTML and CSS as you wish.

Advanced photo editor

An advanced image editor is at your disposal. You can add filters, change focus, use color overlay, change settings, add text.

Automatically optimized images

Images are automatically optimized and resized based on page position and device. This optimizes the loading speed of your website.

Gallery of free images

Choose your favorite images from our gallery for free. Thanks to our image picker, inserting them on your website is quick and easy.


Involve your users by inserting You Tube videos on your website or as a background or pop-up.


Insert pop-ups to advertise discounts, information or invite visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.

Contact form

You can easily create a form using our widget. Choose the style you prefer from the many that we have available. Remember that it integrates easily with email sending systems, like MailChimp or Google Sheets.

Click to call

Insert the "click to call" option in the mobile version of your website and with just a click your users can call the contact number you’ve provided.


Made with Mapbox, available in different styles, they allow the management of multiple locations.

Automatic pre-set options

Choose one of the automatic pre-set rules from our library, and start using it in just a few clicks.

Pre-set your automatic options

You decide which options to set using a mix between triggers and actions. Divide your users into targets and show everyone a personalized message.


Create triggers based on the date your users visited the website or on their location, or change the call-to-action based on the device they use.


Add new content based on the pre-set automatic options. Insert a bar at the top of your website for important messages.

Meta Keywords & Descriptions

Insert descriptions and keywords on each of your website pages to optimize search engine rankings.


Automatically inserted robots.txt informs the search engines which pages should and shouldn’t be indexed.

Customize page URL

Customizing the address of each of your webpages improves search engine ranking.


Automatically helps search engines understand which pages should or shouldn’t be indexed.

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