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Everything you need to make your fantastic e-commerce

Fast and designed to be used by everyone


Open your store, upload product photos, set up payment methods, create product categories, view shipping information, share promotional codes, discounts and much more - it will be easy.


All pages, products and image details are uploaded quickly. Your customers will happily browse your site, sales will increase and Google will reward your e-commerce with a good score and high ranking on search engines.


You can choose the structure of your pages, organize articles into categories and add targeted messages to your customers.

Drag & Drop

Select, drag, drop and ... done! Thanks to the "drag and drop" system, creating the pages of your e-commerce will be easy and fun.

Always ready to follow your ideas


You have a lot of customizable structures in which to set the graphics you prefer: you can choose colors, upload the logo and arrange the elements on the page. Let yourself be inspired!


Smartphones, tablets, computers: the appearance of your store automatically adapts every type of screen and your e-commerce will be visible everywhere.

Your customers give you confidence

Secure payments

Ready to take your first order? Set up payment methods and, if you want to sell all over the world, different currencies, so that your customers can make quick, easy and safe purchases.

SSL certificate

Thanks to the SSL certificate included in every solution, all data, personal information and credit card information are protected and your customers will feel secure.

Increase your online visibility


Engage your customers by including social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.), YouTube videos, Google Maps and much more. You can also import content directly from Facebook.

Optimized SEO

The included SEO tool tells you which improvements to make. In this way your pages will be optimized and will be best positioned on search engines (Google, Bing, etc.).

Enhance your e-commerce

Web site

Our e-commerce solutions include Simply Site, the website builder with which you can create a professional and coordinated website in terms of graphics and content with your online store.

Ebay, Amazon and others

Your products will be loaded on your e-commerce and you can sell them anywhere, without duplicating the work: with a click you can connect your store to the main online sales platforms.

Engage and pamper your customers

Discounts and promotions

Share special discounts with your customers and encourage sales by easily configuring coupons and clearly showing your new lower prices along with reduced regular prices.

Automatic emails

Stay in touch with your customers: you can send automatic emails whenever customers conclude the purchase or when users leave the shopping cart without completing the process.

Manage your online store easily

Orders and invoices

You will receive a detailed list of orders by customer and the list of unfinished orders. Moreover, with the most advanced solutions, you can create orders manually and modify invoices.

Calculation of VAT and taxes

You can set up automatic tax calculations for Italy, the European Union, the United States, Australia and Canada, so you can easily manage your store.

Inventory management

Show your customers how many products remain to create a sense of urgency and increase impulse purchases. You can configure notifications that alert you when inventory levels are low and have time to place new orders or make special promotions on the last pieces left in the warehouse.


Ship your products locally or internationally, using a whole range of supported operators. You can set flat rates or tariffs based on the weight of the product and have full control over which shipping options are available to customers (standard delivery, next day, etc.).

Grow your business

Advanced statistics

Website traffic and user engagement are tracked automatically so you can easily check your store performance. If you want a more in-depth analysis, you can add Google Analytics to your e-commerce site.

Campaign tracking

Add tracking codes to your "Thank you" or "Completed order" pages to record and analyze new sales. You can use this data to see how effective your campaigns are and to create remarketing lists on Google Analytics.

Basic features


Choose the most suitable web address for your e-commerce: each Simply Shop solution includes the registration of the first level domain with unlimited subdomains and annual maintenance.

Email and SMTP

Create up to 50 2GB email accounts, with Antivirus and Antispam inlcusi, and associate it with your domain. Also thanks to the SMTP service, you can send up to 1,000 emails and communicate with everyone on the web.

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