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What is included in the domain for free?

Customized Email

3 email accounts to be associated with your domain, make your project or business truly professional. Choose who you want to be, register your domain and activate the emails included: you can use them with your contacts, private and professional!

Micro Hosting cPanel

Your Domain includes a basic 1 GB WordPress so you can create your website with the most used CMS in the world. Build your website for free with amazing WordPress themes and tell the world who you are and what you do!


We have integrated into the Domain Pack a dynamic hosting that you can easily manage through cPanel, a very intuitive interface that allows you to carry out endless operations on your web space. Discover the features of cPanel here

SSL certificate

The domain includes the free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate that will certify that your WordPress site is secure thanks to the HTTPS protocol. The confidentiality and security of sensitive data of your website will be encrypted and protected against threats.

Basic Website builder

If you don't want to create your site with WordPress, you can do it with the reduced version of the Simply Site editor that is also included for free in your domain. Creating your website with this editor is really easy! And if your website needs to grow further, you can expand your site with a Simply Site plan!


Call, write, open a chat: we are at your disposal all week to help you as quickly as possible. Many say we are good at it.

Unlimited subdomains

Use them for the blog, the shop and the mobile version of your domain: if the domain is your home, the subdomains are the rooms. You can create as many as you need.

DNS management

You can configure the pointing of the Name Servers independently, thanks to a simple panel that allows you to manage DNS records.

Search for free domains and register your domain name

Choose your domain


Each domain includes the essential services to build online presence. Creare your website and communicate with personalized emails. Start now!

WordPress 1-click to create your website or blog
DNS Management
Editor drag & drop to build your website
Simply Site Micro
1 GB
Management panel
SSL Certificate
Let's Encrypt
Database MySQL
PHP Management
Email boxes
3 x 2 GB
Antivirus & Antispam
Email Backup



New domains

Choose from over 700 new extensions.

Extensions that "talk" about you, that tell about your business which you can pre-register in advance

Business Domains

The domain that contains additional tools for your work.

10 2GB email accounts, 50 daily client mailings, 10GB of hosting space, cPanel, 1 database and much more.

Keep your brand safe from online threats.

Trust our professional services. A personal consultant will take care of recovering the domains in your name, registering your brands and more.

Additional services

Are you looking for other features?

You can register international domains before they are available to everyone, or activate higher levels of protection for your name

Other useful tools

We've got the answers you need

  • What is a domain ?

    A domain is the name which uniquely identifies a person, company or organization on the Internet.
    For example, our domain is 'register.it'. The domain is made up of two parts separated by a full stop.
    The first part is the real name, while the second is an extension that may indicate the type of activity or geographical area.
    For example: .it stands for Italy, .de for Germany, .com for commercial activities.

  • Who can register a domain ?

    The registration rules change according to the kind of extension you wish to register your domain in.
    In the Registration Rules section you will find a list divided into the different available extensions.

  • What does 'naming rules' mean ?

    The naming rules are applicable regulations containing norms for the allocation of domain names in the different TLDs.

  • Who does a domain belong to ?

    A domain name does not belong to anyone, but its management is allocated to the physical or juridical person under whose name the application for registration was submitted.

  • What are the DNS ?

    DNS means Domain Name Service and it is a specific code system that allows to transform a domain name into an IP numeric address: it is the mean through which it is possible to identify the machine that specific registered domain refers to on the Internet.

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