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*Promotions valid for online purchase only, for first year registration and limited to 3 for free domains. For Business Partner program customers, limits depend on the offer. The service will automatically renewed in accordance with your pricelist unless your request cancellation from your control panel at least 30 days before the expiration date. Read all terms and conditions and deadlines.

*A free PEC Unica is included registering a new domain - The promotion only applies for one year registrations. Renewals and transfers are not included. Maximum one per customer.
PEC Unica bonus will be available on the Control Panel for 30 days from the domain registration date. Renewal prices will be as indicated in the relevant pricelist.

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Email addresses and PEC
Communicate from your domain: get 3 email accounts (2GB each) with antivirus/antispam, read how to activate them, and a PEC email (3GB) for one year through webmail or client.

Web Space
Use web space with unlimited traffic and 3GB per month, 1 FTP account and access statistics. If you create your website with HTML, you won't need other hosting solutions.

24h Support
Chat, call, write! We're here 24-7 to help you as quickly as possible. Our world-class customer service operators are ready to help you.

Home Page
Publish the first two pages of your website immediately with your business and contact information: while you're designing your website, Home Page lets you take advantage of your domain right away.

Unlimited sub-domains
Perfect for blogs, online stores and mobile versions of your domain name: create all the sub-domains you need.

DNS Management
You can configure your domain's name server on our simple control panel that allows you to manage DNS Records.

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Your company deserves full protection: keep your brand safe from online threats.

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Protect your information

Don't let anyone take your domain or publish your content without your permission.
It happens, but we can prevent it.

Protect your privacy

According to ICANN regulations, each time a new domain name is registered, your personal data and contact information is collected and stored in an online database called the public WHOIS.
Private registration services allow you to protect your name, contact information and email address so that no one else can use them.

Domain name lock

Locking your domain name is one way to protect your domain from unauthorized transfers. Don't let anyone transfer your name without your authorization.

Set up a free Domain Name Lock feature from your Control Panel and protect your domain name from unwanted data changes or transfers.

We've got the answers you need

  • What is a domain ?

    A domain is the name which uniquely identifies a person, company or organization on the Internet.
    For example, our domain is ''. The domain is made up of two parts separated by a full stop.
    The first part is the real name, while the second is an extension that may indicate the type of activity or geographical area.
    For example: .it stands for Italy, .de for Germany, .com for commercial activities.

  • Who can register a domain ?

    The registration rules change according to the kind of extension you wish to register your domain in.
    In the Registration Rules section you will find a list divided into the different available extensions.

  • What does 'naming rules' mean ?

    The naming rules are applicable regulations containing norms for the allocation of domain names in the different TLDs.

  • Who does a domain belong to ?

    A domain name does not belong to anyone, but its management is allocated to the physical or juridical person under whose name the application for registration was submitted.

  • What are the DNS ?

    DNS means Domain Name Service and it is a specific code system that allows to transform a domain name into an IP numeric address: it is the mean through which it is possible to identify the machine that specific registered domain refers to on the Internet.

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