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Secure all your sites with the SSL Certificates issued by the most important Certification Authorities in the world.

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What's included in the SSL Management service?

We identify the most suitable SSL Certificates to protect your domain portfolio by taking care of all the bureaucratic and administrative procedures for you.

Strategic consulting

A dedicated assistant will be always at your disposal for a comparison on the most suitable types of SSL Certificates to protect all your domains.

Dedicated assistance

A personal assistant will help you manage all the activation steps of your SSL Certificates, taking care of all the operational and bureaucratic aspects for you.


We will support you in the SSL Certificates validation process by the Certification Authority to facilitate verification operations based on your certificate.

Installation support

Once the SSL Certificate has been obtained, we can give you support to enable the https protocol and install the certificate on your hosting space within our technical platform.

Deadlines Monitoring

We will support you in the renewal phase of all your SSL Certificates, reminding you deadlines and operations to do in order not to risk losing your certifications.


Invoices are issued once a month and include all purchases made in the previous 30-day period In case of urgency we anticipate the payment for you.

Three different types of validation of an SSL certificate

Domain Validation (DV)

It is an SSL Certificate that protects a site in HTTPS by validating the domain name of the website. With this type of SSL certificate, the Certification Authority will verify that the applicant is actually the owner of the domain in question.

Organization Validation (OV)

The SSL Organization Validation Certificates provide for the verification of the applicant company in order to certify its reliability. The OV Certificates are also available in the Wildcard version, to protect domains and subdomains, and SAN / UCC to protect multiple domains of the same company with the same certificate.

Extended Validation (EV)

The Extended Validation SSL Certificates are the highest level of validation and provide the company name in the navigation bar of the browser, to guarantee security and reliability of the website. EV Certificates are also available in SAN / UCC version to protect multiple domains of the same company.

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