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Activate your Digital Identity free of charge for direct and secure access to government agency services.

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How to get your SPID


The first step to getting your SPID is to activate it for free. Click on "Activate for free" and complete the process from your shopping cart.

the client area

Access this reserved area using a valid ID and create your own Digital Identity. It takes just a few minutes to enter all the data required to register.

your identity

In order to complete your SPID activation, you need to be identified by means of a TS-CNS card (activated Italian Health Card – National Service Card + Smart Card Reader) or by means of a digital signature.

your SPID

Use your SPID
Done! Access all government agency or private entity services (such as INPS or your bank) via portals displaying the SPID logo.

Identity confirmation methods

With your TS-CNS card

With your active Italian Health Card - National Service Card, you can complete registration online using the Smart Card Reader attached to your computer.

With your digital signature

If you already have a digital signature, you can complete your online registration using a Smart Card Reader attached to your computer.

With a webcam

You can register online using a PC, tablet or mobile device equipped with a webcam.

How to access SPID services

Your Digital Identity allows you to access government agency and private entity services online.

Choose SpidItalia
from the list of managers

Visit the website of the service you want to access
and choose SpidItalia from the list of SPID managers.

Confirm your identity by entering your SPID credentials

Enter your credentials on the SpidItalia login page:
Username and password - Level 1 security
SMS verification code - Level 2 security

Use the service in complete security

Once your identity is confirmed, you can securely access the control panel of the chosen entity, where you can use the services available and consult your data.

Create your Digital Identity free and access to government agency services.

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