Choose the most convenient method to activate your SPID credentials

If you have a smart card reader and have a valid Digital Signature certificate or the National Service Card (CNS) active, you can proceed with the free activation of your SPID Digital Identity in complete autonomy.

SPID activation with

To activate SPID with Digital Signature you must have:

Digital signature active up a smart card reader
Identification document
Health Card

The digital signature is not a “simple” electronic signature in digital format but is the result of an IT procedure based on cryptographic techniques aimed at guaranteeing authenticity, integrity and legal validity of an IT document.

SPID activation with
National Service Card (CNS)

To activate SPID with CNS you must have:

National Service Card (CNS) activated at an authorized counter
Smart Card Reader
Identification document

The National Service Card (CNS) is the health card with a microchip that contains your identification data. To use it as an authentication tool, you need to activate it at authorized pharmacies and counters and have a smart card reader.

Do you already have a smart card reader, an active CNS or a digital signature?
Proceed immediately to activate your SPID credentials for free.

Activate SPID*

** By activating SPID with a Digital Signature or CNS, you will have to proceed in complete autonomy without the support of an operator and you will not have access to the reserved area of Spid Power with exclusive content and dedicated assistance.

You don't have a smart card reader or an active digital signature?

Activate your SPID credentials with the

The recognition via webcam is the simplest way to activate your SPID digital identity.

You must only have:

Valid identity document
Health Card with tax code
Mobile phone, laptop or PC equipped with a webcam
An active email address

Recognition via webcam is quick and easy.
You just have to follow the simple instructions provided by the operator during the video call!



  • Why is a recognition procedure necessary to activate SPID?

    The recognition procedure is a very important phase of the SPID credential activation process: it is the moment in which the provider recognizes the user and guarantees his identity. Without recognition, it is not possible to activate a SPID identity

  • What recognition systems are available?

    Recognition can take place in three ways:

    - Via webcam through a recorded video call in which the applicant must show the identity documents previously entered to validate the SPID request.

    - By means of a valid Digital Signature certificate and a smart card reader.

    - Through National Service Card (CNS) activated with a smart card reader connected to the computer.

  • Why choose webcam recognition?

    By choosing recognition via webcam you can activate your SPID credentials conveniently online with an operator, avoiding the purchase and configuration of a smart card reader or the purchase of a digital signature certificate.

    Recognition via webcam, in fact, only requires the use of tools available to everyone: a device with a webcam, an active email address and personal identification documents such as an identity card, health card and tax code.

  • Why do I have to enter my phone number when registering?

    The mobile number is required as it will be used to send you an OTP code (temporary password) which you will need to use during the identification procedure.

  • What is the difference between SPID, Spiditalia, Spid Power?

    SPID is the Public Digital Identity System that allows you to access all the services of the Public Administration in a simple and secure way and with a single pair of credentials (username and password).

    SpidItalia is the name of the digital identity provided by the Identity provider

    Spid Power is a service offered by which includes the SPID digital identity for private use provided by, the simplified activation of the SPID credentials through recognition via webcam, access to reserved area from which you can receive dedicated assistance via WhatsApp on the use of SPID and access exclusive content on the different uses of the Public Digital Identity System.

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