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Build strong relationshipswith your customers

We create your profiles on Facebook, Google MyBusiness, Linkedin, Youtube and all the social media channels

Being Social is increasingly more important

Get in touch with thousands of new customers every day

Google MyBusiness

Activation of Gmail account for management of the channel

Activation of Google My Business business point

Insertion/updating of information and basic content

Link reviews to any future company Facebook page
Set up120 € + VAT

Facebook profile

Identify or create a new personal user profile to be assigned as administrator of the web page

Creation of the web page and the basic graphic settings

Optimize the new Fan Page based on the areas of the customer's business that are most functional
Set up120 € + VAT

YouTube Channel

Activation of Gmail account for channel management

Creation of profile and cover images and basic graphic settings

SEO for Google Search
Set up120 € + VAT

Create invaluable connections

Visibility on all social media channels brings your business closer to your customers' needs

Customized private profile

Create new customized private profile

Creation of the layout and basic graphic settings
Set up120 € + VAT

Customized business profile

Create new customized business profile

Creation of layout and basic graphic settings
Set up120 € + VAT

Pinterest profile

Creation of profile

Customized profile with basic graphic settings
Set up120 € + VAT

Instagram profile

Creating the company profile

Customize your profile with basic graphic layout
Set up120 € + VAT

More details

  • Is Google My Business visible only on Google?

    Google My Business is a key element for any business that wants to manage its online presence better. It combines Google Places (Maps) and Google+ Business and Local (social) Pages into one product.
    Google My Business is key to delivering online business visibility and helping businesses succeed on the Internet.

  • Does LinkedIn replace the paper version of the curriculum vitae?

    LinkedIn profiles do not replace the curriculum vitae, but constitute, in the current job market, a fundamental tool to get others acquainted with you as a professional or to become acquainted with your business. Not being present on LinkedIn means not being available for a professional clientele target.

  • What’s the difference between Pinterest and Instagram?

    Instagram was created essentially for mobile and allows you to capture what you are seeing or doing at a given time. The ability to add filters that allow you to edit, customize and optimize your photos has made it a "radical" innovation in the world of photography. With it being purchased by Facebook and the arrival of the Android version, its boom in use was immediate.
    Pinterest has always based on images but has different features from Facebook or Instagram, as it allows the user to share everything they like in the form of thematic bulletin boards and to follow or be followed by users with the same interests.
    Not being present on Instagram and Pinterest means losing the opportunity to attract new customer targets and create loyalty among existing customers.

  • Are YouTube and Facebook videos linked?

    There are two separate platforms so the videos are not linked. Our experts will help you set up the best strategy for publishing/posting and promoting videos on the two platforms.

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