SEO Audit

Optimization analysis of your website.

Trust our professionals to understand how to improve your web site's positioning on Google.

What's included

Traffic analysis

The starting point of the SEO Audit is the traffic and indexing analysis of the website to verify the accessibility of the pages to Google bots and the access data to the website such as number of visits, duration, bounce rate, pages visited etc..

Technical analysis

We analyze in detail all the on-site and off-site technical aspects that influnce the positioning of the website on Google: page loading speed, correct code entry, backlinks, optimization level and many other ranking parameters on Google.

Content analysis

The SEO audit provides an accurate analysis of the website structure and contents: from the optimization of the texts to the correct insertion of the images, also analyzing duplicate contents, text formatting and the website usability.

Request the SEO Audit and find out how to improve your website's positioning on search engines.

3 reasons to invest in SEO

Increase your online visibility

The SEO optimization of your website allows you to improve your visibility on search engines to increase traffic, interested visitors, sales and conversion.

Top your competitors

Improving your website positioning on Google results allows you to top your main competitors and get visits from genuinely interested users.

Increase your notoriety

The presence of a site on the top of search engines results generates trust and authority. If you improve your website positioning, you also improve the reputation your Brand.

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