Service Order for the Telephone Assistance Service of S.p.A.

This Service Order (SO) forms an integral and substantive part of the General Services Conditions (GSC). The GSC and this SO lay down the terms and conditions for the supply of the Telephone Assistance service by to the Customer.
The commercial offer published online on the website forms an integral part of these conditions.

1 - Object
The Telephone Assistance service of offers technical support for the services provided by in regard to domains, e-mail, and hosting, with the exception of the "Dedicated Server" service, support for which is specifically excluded by this agreement.
The following services and information are also excluded by this SO and thus not covered by Telephone Assistance:
non-public information regarding the Customers of
end user information, if he/it is the assignee of the domain, if he/it is not a direct Customer of
support regarding the creation of sites or implementation of services, including those on hosting provided by
debugging of the pages created by the Customer in any programming language, including those supported by the platform
assistance with use and/or configuration of software or hardware
technical information regarding the security mechanisms of proprietary architectures
deletion or modification of files and scripts inside the Customer's Web space
debugging of scripts or pages or programs created or installed by the Customer
The following operations are also excluded by this agreement, as they always need a written request authenticated from the control panel or by fax or registered mail, and as such cannot be covered by telephone assistance:
deletion, cancellation, or renunciation of domains and services provided by
contractual renewals of services provided by
request for access codes to any type of service provided by
requests for changes or updates of domains or services provided by
operations to be performed by the Customer from his own control panel
request for deletion of one or more messages from a blocked e-mail box
request for regeneration of dial up access codes and/or modification of the relative passwords
In any case, does not guarantee assistance for problems that cannot be attributed to malfunctions in the systems of

2 - Description of the Telephone Assistance Service
The Service envisages the availability of a form on the control panel to be filled out by the Customer each time he requests the Telephone Assistance envisaged hereinabove at point 1).
The form must be filled out in the required parts. In particular, in addition to the name, surname, and Customer code, the telephone number at which the Customer is to be called back and the object of the detected problem (domains; e-mail; hosting) must be entered.
The compiled form must be sent by the Customer and from that time on the possibility of sending the form a second time will be disabled, while the following message will be displayed "recall request sent, please await contact by our Operator."
Once the request is sent, the Customer will be contacted by telephone at the indicated number by the deadline envisaged at point 3) hereunder. will make three additional attempts to call the number indicated by the Customer, after which it will give up calling until a new request is made.
A report page is included on the control panel, summarizing the purchased assistance packages, the actual minutes used, and the remaining minutes to be used. In addition, the report page also indicates:
I. Date and time that the request was sent by the Customer
II. Date and time of recall by
III. Outcome of recall (success or failure to reach the Customer after three attempts)
IV. Name of operator who makes the call
V. Name and surname of the person who requests support
VI. Telephone number of the Customer for recall
VII. Indicated nature of the problem
VIII. Notes field
Once the telephone conversation with the Customer is concluded, will send a summary e-mail to the Customer containing the same information indicated hereinabove for the report. The report will thus be approved periodically by the Customer 24 hours after receipt by of the summary e-mail, unless a justified complaint is sent via e-mail, with subsequent confirmation by registered mail with return receipt.

3 - Conditions of the Telephone Assistance Service
The Telephone Assistance Service is provided by in packages of hours according to what is described in the offer.
For each call made by, without distinction between calls to hard wire network and mobile network telephone numbers, the actual minutes of conversation rounded up to the next whole minute will be subtracted (e.g. for 4 minutes and 25 seconds, 5 minutes will be subtracted).
The Customers who ask to be recalled at a foreign number will instead be charged double the actual length in minutes of the conversation. has the right to interrupt the telephone call after 15 minutes of conversation. The calls will be made from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday within about three working hours after the request received through the control panel. If the request is sent after 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday or at any time on Saturday, Sunday, or holidays, will make the call by 1:00 p.m. on the first business day thereafter.
In any event, reserves the right to suspend provision of the service temporarily, giving notice by e-mail at least seven days before the day envisaged for suspension.
The cost of the call is borne exclusively by

4 - Customer's Obligations
RULES FOR USE: The Customer undertakes to use the Service in accordance with article 7 of the GSC and the provisions of this SO as well as any and all other applicable rules and regulations.
In particular, the Customer undertakes during the telephone call to follow the Operator's instructions and not raise issues irrelevant to the detected problem, or that might offend individual dignity, involve racial or sexual discrimination, or offend religious beliefs. If one or more of these situations occurs, the Customer takes note that the Operator will immediately terminate the telephone call, be released from all liability, and, if appropriate, inform the competent legal authorities.

5 - Privacy
By accepting this SO, the Customer grants his consent to processing of his personal data in conformity with applicable statutes (Legislative Decree no. 196/2003) and for the purposes deriving from this service. In any event, he takes note of the disclosure provided by and published on its Web site at the following address:

The Client shall be bound to notify any anomalies in the service by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, also sent in advance by e-mail, to be sent within 24 hours following the emergence of the anomaly in question. Failure to send the aforesaid notice as indicated above, shall exempt REGISTER.IT from any and all liability.

7 - Liability of undertakes to use the best technology of which it is aware and the best resources available to it to provide the Services covered under this agreement. However, in any case, cannot guarantee, as it does not guarantee, and the Customer takes note, releasing from all liability in this regard, resolution of the problems detected and reported by the Customer as envisaged in this agreement, either during the telephone call or by a set deadline after the telephone call itself. also does not guarantee the result of assistance in all cases, particularly in the cases where the instructions provided by are not followed or the services provided by that are the object of this Telephone Assistance agreement in conformity with the specifications given or communicated by are not used, including those involving updates or other matters.
Therefore, cannot ever be held liable for the damage and/or anomalies that the Customer might experience due to failure to resolve the reported problems envisaged in this agreement. shall not liable for any interruptions in service whatsoever, and undertakes to remedy the same as soon as possible. may, at any time, interrupt the service for documented reasons of data security and/or confidentiality, giving the Customer motivated notice thereof. may, at its sole discretion and for scheduled operations, change or revise for technical reasons, the functionality or characteristics of the Service, giving the Customer at least 7 days advance notice thereof, and in any event, ensuring adequate service functionality. may not in any case be held liable for Service suspensions and/or breakdowns arising from events falling outside the reasonable control of, such as, for instance: (i) unforeseeable circumstances; (ii) events caused by third parties, such as, by way of example, suspensions or breakdowns of telecommunications and/or electric power supply services; (iii) breakdowns of the terminals or other communications systems used by the Customer.
In any event, any liability arising to towards the Customer by reason of prejudice deriving from this agreement, may not exceed the overall amount in fact paid by the Customer to in the six month period immediately prior to the occurrence of the event giving rise to the said prejudice.

8 - Term
This Service Order and therefore, the supply of the Telephone Assistance Service, will expire one year after acceptance of the agreement. At the expiration date, the Customer may acquire a new package pursuant to the terms and conditions envisaged at the time of purchase. If he does not, the service will deactivated by without further notice and any residual unused minutes of conversation will be lost, with being released from all liability in this regard.

9 - Consideration and Payments
Consideration for the requested Service shall be as indicated in the Offer.
It is agreed that the Service will be provided once payment of the consideration for the Service is made.
The price for renewal shall be listed price applied by at the time of the Customer's request for renewal, and indicated in the toolbar menu. The amount due for the Telephone Assistance Service must be paid by credit card or using the other payment systems available on the website at the time of payment, after filling in the payment form during the registration procedure.