Private Registration Domain Names

Private Registration Domain Names (also “Service”)

The present Service Order (“SO”) is an integral and substantive part of the General Conditions of Service (“GCS”). The GCS and the present SO hereby establish the terms and conditions for the provision of the Private Registration Service Domain Names by to the Client.

1. By subscribing to the Private Registration Service by, the Client expressly authorizes, appoints and entrusts to publish the Client’s alternative data and information in the WHOIS database. In particular, this alternative information will be indicated in the following data fields: Registrant, Administrative Contacts, Technicians, fax number and NIC Handle associated with the Client’s account related to the applicable domain name. The customer acknowledges that the name and surname or company name of the Registrant, the administrative and technical contacts will still be visible despite the activation of the Service.

2. The Client authorizes to receive communications on behalf of the Client and process these communications as follows: (i) Email address. A private email address associated with the Client’s domain name will be created; this email address will automatically be changed every ten (10) days and the change will be published in the WHOIS database. Messages received in the inbox of the email address published on the WHOIS database will be subject to an anti-spam filter and sent to the e-mail address associated with the Client’s account related to the applicable domain name. The Client duly notes that the email addresses deleted by the WHOIS database will not be valid for receiving messages. Emails received will be forwarded to the Client, with the exception of any email containing spam or otherwise unwanted messages, which the Client expressly authorizes to remove. (ii) Postal address. In lieu of the postal address of the Client, a postal address managed by will be published in the WHOIS database and for this reason the Client authorizes to manage all correspondence sent to this address. Received mails will be forwarded to the Client, except for mails containing spam or any other unwanted messages, which the Client hereby expressly authorized to destroy. The sending costs shall be the responsibility of the Client and shall be paid by credit card or by any other mean indicated by The mail will be forwarded to the Client only after the sending costs have successfully been paid. (iii) Telephone number. In lieu of the Client’s telephone number, a recorded message service by will respond to a telephone number published in the WHOIS database. Therefore, the customer accepts and recognises that he/she will not receive all the communications sent to the alternative details displayed in the Whois and formally releives of any and all liability in that respect.

3. The Client accepts and recognizes that has power/faculty, at its own exclusive discretion, without the obligation to provide notice and without any assuming any liability and/or responsibility whatsoever, to: a) reveal to third parties the addresses provided by You to regarding the account associated with the applicable domain name, (b) enter in the WHOIS database the name, email address and/or telephone number provided to by You and/or (c) terminate the Private Registration Service:(i) in the event that any third party claims that the domain name violates its trademark/brand name, the name or other legal right of the third party, regardless of the validity of such claim; (ii) in order to fulfill any law, decree or applicable rule/regulation, policy, provision set by the competent Authorities and/or the national and international organizations, summons/subpoena/statement of claim, injunction, request from executive organs or governmental entities; or (iii) in the event that a third party threatens to sue, directly or indirectly in association with the domain name, or based on the fact the Client is using the domain name in breach of any law, rule or regulations, or in any case illegally or in violation of the rights of a third party. (iv) following the request of supension/cancellation of the Service from the Registrant of the domain name for which the Service is activated.

4. The Client has been informed that he/she may see his/her data on the control panel and that the Client may decide at any time to pass from the private registration service to the normal registration service with consequent publication of his/her data on the WHOIS.

5. The duration of the service is 1 year starting from the date of purchase. and, according to the choice made by the Client during the purchase procedure or after said procedure from the Client’s control panel, the contact shall expire a) with or b) without automatic renewal.
a) In the event of automatic renewal and payment by credit card of the amounts listed under article 6, shall be charged according to the terms and conditions in effect at the time of renewal, as indicated on the control panel, directly by on the Client’s credit card, through communication via email. Should it not be possible for to proceed with said charge, the contract shall not be automatically renewed and said contract shall be considered within the term provided for expired. In this situation, the Client may renew the service by following the procedure listed in point b) below; In the event of automatic renewal and payment through a payment system different from a credit card,, 20 days from the expiration shall proceed to send the invoice to the Client, which must be paid within the terms provided therein. In the event that the Client does not make the payment within the terms provided may terminate the provision of the service at any time, without affecting the provisions of article 6 of the GCS. (b) In the event of expiration without automatic renewal the Client may ask, through the online procedure made available by, to renew the service for an ulterior term according to the terms and conditions which appear on the Client’s control panel and according to the technical and economic conditions in effect at the time of renewal of the service and by following the renewal procedure.
The Customer acknowledges that once the Service is expired, his/her real details (postal address, email address, phone number, fax) will become visible on the Whois databases.
Should the Client purchase the present Service after registration of the domain name he/she intends to associate to Service, the Service shall have a different and later expiration compared with the expiration of the domain. In this case, upon expiration of the registration service, the Client may associate the Service to another domain, provided that if the Client does not proceed to associate the Service to another domain, the Client shall not have the right to a refund for any part of the Service which has not been used.

6. Compensation for the Service is indicated in the offer published online, which is an integral part of the contract. All Compensation shall be considered V.A.T. exclusive. Payment of the compensation for the Service must be made by means of bolletino postale or credit card completing the payment form during the registration procedure. In the event of payment by means of bolletino postale the Service will be activated once has received the receipt of payment, within the terms established and sent via fax to the number indicated on the website. The bolletino postale must be correctly filled in by the Client, who must enter the same information he/she entered when placing his/her order so that may correctly supply the service. In the event that a bolletino is erroneously filled in and for all other cases of unavailability of the service for reasons not attributable to, is not obliged to give a refund of the amount(s) received, however, will proceed in supplying a service with the same price, save possible balancing/adjusting/leveling out. Payment through bolletino postale is not available for service which will be paid for in rates. In any event,, reserves the right, at its own discretion, to not allow for payment through bollettino postale by giving notice.