Office Online

Office Online Apps allows you to access your Office documents from anywhere and on any device with an Internet connection. View, edit, share and store your important documents online.

Why choose Office 365 Desktop Apps?

Your Office Anywhere

With web-based Office Apps you really can access your office from anywhere. Store files on your OneDrive in the Cloud, and simply log in via a web browser.

Share Your Documents

You can choose when to share your documents, specifying who can view only and who can edit. Your documents are private until you share them.

No Loss of Formatting

If you work on Office Desktop apps on your PC or Mac, your files will still contain the same formatting and layout when you open them using Office Online.

Flexible Access For All

Share your files with people who don’t have Office Desktop installed on their computer and they can still access and edit your files using the Office Online apps.

Desktop Apps is included in the following Office 365 plans

Office 365

Office 365

Office 365

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