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www. .me

Registration rules for .me domain:

  • No requirements
  • Can be registered both by companies and individuals
  • Number of characters: 3 - 63
  • Accepted characters: "a - z", "0 - 9", and "-" which cannot appear as the first or the last letter of the domain name

Why choose a .me domain?

Perfect together
You and .ME

The .ME domain is a useful tool for marketing and promotion. You can register, for example, contact.ME, drive.ME or fly.ME to make your address unique, significant and easy to remember

Premium Names auctions

The Authority has published the list of reserved names that are not available for registration and the list of premium names that cannot be applied for in any of the abovementioned phases but can be purchased by whoever will make the best bid at the auction.

Each registered domain includes:
Unlimited Web space,
up to 5 e-mail addresses
Virus/Spam protection
Secure Webmail
and lots more.

*.me domains for only 7,90 € instead of 35 € - The promotion only applies for one year registrations. Renewals and transfers are not included. Renewal prices will be as indicated in the relevant pricelist. The offer is valid also for Resellers For more registrations please contact your Account Manager on 035 3230369. All our offers are subject to restrictions, read all conditions and deadlines.

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