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A domain which informs, first of all!

The .info domain is the best choice if you are building an informative website. It is a great web name for a global audience, as "info" stands for information in languages and countries around the world.

Whether it's information about you, your organization, your favorite hobby or a specific topic, look for the available .info domain name that's suites for you!

Register an .info now and start to communicate your identity online.

Everything you need is already included!

Your Domain now includes WordPress, the most popular CMS in the world. Register your domain, activate WordPress and start creating an amazing website.

Hosting with cPanel
Your domain includes a 1 GB dynamic hosting, easily manageable with cPanel, an intuitive interface that makes it much easier for you to manage your web space and its resources.

3 email boxes
Your domain includes 3 email boxes of 2 GB each with antivirus, antispam and a backup tool. Your email can be consulted via webmail or other email platforms.

SSL Certificate
At Nominalia, all domains include Let's Encrypt SSL certificate, which show that your WordPress site is secure thanks to the HTTPS protocol. The security of your data is guaranteed!

Web editor Simply Site Micro
If you don't want to create your site in WordPress, you can do it with the reduced version of the Simply Site editor that we also include for free in your domain. You will create your website with amazing templates and stunning design!

Free DNS management
From your Client Zone you will be able to manage the DNS of your domain as you please, in full autonomy and without the need to contact the Support service.
Register your .info domain.

Registration rules

  • How to register .info premium names with less than 3 characters

    To register .info premium names with less than 3 characters, please contact the Online Brand Protection team.

  • Who can register a .info domain?

    No requirements

  • Companies or individuals?

    Domain .info can be registered both by companies and individuals

  • Number of characters?

    Number of characters: 3 - 63

  • Accepted characters?

    Accepted characters: digits (0-9), letters (a-z) and hyphen (-). The hyphen cannot appear as the first or the last character of the domain name and two hyphens in a row (--) in the third and fourth position cannot be accepted.

  • .info is a marketing tool

    .info: path to information on the Internet
    Do you have a new idea to bring to the Net? Are you looking for a domain name that's brief, easy to remember and particularly useful?

    .INFO is the first truly global domain.
    Intuitive, easy to use, and universally recognized, .INFO is your opportunity to reach a worldwide audience with information about you, your ideas, or your business.

  • Trademark owners?

    Discover the Online Brand Protection services dedicated to the trademark owners, such as the Trademark Clearinghouse - TMCH (the only global database of registered brands authorized by ICANN), or the Domains Protected Marks List - DPML (block of the registrations of similar/equivalent domains of your brand in over than 200 of the new extensions).

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